Dear Friend,
If you are new to Kodiak, welcome! As you create your home here, we would like to be among the first to welcome you to
this beautiful island.
Part of establishing a new home is finding a new Church Family with whom to worship. If you are looking for Christian
Fellowship based on the Word of God, where you can enjoy programs for everyone from babies to seniors, we invite you to be a part of the Kodiak Bible Chapel.  As an evangelical fellowship of God’s people, we have a heart for missions and a passion for investing in people.
We have five goals for this decade. We believe that God is Challenging us to enlarge our evangelism effort here and on the
mission fields around the world. We strive to strengthen our worship experience with meaningful services for the whole family. We trust God to broaden our ministry outreach into our community with new service opportunities. We continue to deepen our understanding of Scripture and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges through the training of disciples and leaders. We have caring ministries to those that God sends our way.
The Kodiak Bible Chapel is committed to getting out the Word by Sharing Jesus Christ, celebrating in corporate worship,
identifying additional places of service, committing ourselves to continual personal growth, and encouraging individuals and families to live lives that honor God.
This is our mission, and we would love for you to join us!
In Christ,

Pastors & Elders
Statement of Faith & Mission 

We believe:
In God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
In the verbal inspiration of the Holy
Scriptures as originally given;
In the vicarious atonement
of the Lord Jesus Christ;
In the eternal salvation of
all who believe in Him;
And in eternal punishment
of all who reject Him.
Mission Statement and Goals
The purpose of the Kodiak Bible Chapel is to get out the Word by sharing Jesus Christ, celebrating in corporate worship, identifying places of service, committing to continual personal growth, and encouraging individuals and families to live lives that honor God. We have set our course. Now we must each commit so that our lives honor God.
Goal #1 – Enlarge our Evangelism Effort,
Develop an Evangelism Plan for Kodiak,
Establish a Comprehensive Missions Program
Goal #2 – Strengthen our
Worship Experience,
Reach People on the Edges,
Practice Celebrating the Lord
Goal #3 – Broaden Our Ministry Outreach,
Increase the Number of People Serving,
Identify Areas of Community Leadership
Goal #4 – Deepen Our
Understanding of Scripture,
Train Disciples,
Enlarge the Leadership Pool
Goal #5 – Lengthen Our Caring for Others,
Build Wise Counselors,
Initiate Encouragement

Church History